Jun 2, 2016

Facebook’s new DeepText AI categorizes everything you write

If Facebook knows what your status update is about, it can show it to people who care about that topic. If it understands the difference between “I just got out of the taxi” and “I need a ride” messages, it can ask if you want an Uber. If it detects that you’re trying to sell something in a status update, it can automatically format post with the price and item details. And if Facebook can determine what kinds of comments on celebrities’ posts are interesting and not just “OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU”, it can surface ones you’ll actually want to read.

Facebook Deep Text Ride GifThese are the big applications for Facebook’s newest artificial intelligence system called “Deep Text”. 400,000 new stories and 125,000 comments on public posts are shared every minute on Facebook. Deep Text will help Facebook analyze several thousand per second across 20 languages with near-human accuracy.

One of the first obvious applications for Deep Text will start rolling on Messenger. When Deep Text identifies a sentence it thinks means you need a ride, it will suggest you use Messenger transportation integrations with services like Uber and Lyft. Recognizing “I need a ride” is easy, but it should also be able to pick up on things like “Should I call a car?”, “I can pick you up in 20”, or “I’ll get an Uber”.

Facebook Deept Text Analysis

With Deep Text and its other image recognition AIs, Facebook could make huge improvements in how it routes content from authors to viewers. That could give it a leg-up over other social networks like Snapchat or Twitter without the know-how or product design to aggressively filter what people see. If every News Feed post looks interesting, you’ll spend more time on Facebook, you’ll share more text there, Deep Text will get smarter, and the Facebook AI feedback wheel will spin faster and faster.


from TechCrunch http://my.onmedic.com/24kY7w1

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