Feb 17, 2015

DailyPulse Gets Updates from Coworkers for You, Helps You Avoid Meetings

DailyPulse Gets Updates from Coworkers for You, Helps You Avoid Meetings

If you manage people or projects at work, you know it can be tough to get updates from coworkers so you can put all of the pieces together. DailyPulse is a web service that handles the process for you. They email your team with the questions you need answered, collect the responses, and put them together in a tidy package for you.

DailyPulse is a bit like previously mentioned TeamReporter, which does something a little similar. While TeamReporter also asks your team for their updates and builds status reports around them, DailyPulse also gives your team a place to discuss everyone's responses, accomplishments, and updates. Both services are great for making sure you get the responses you need from people when you need them, and they're both great at assembling those responses into a package that's actually useful—you'll automatically get a summary of the day's (or week's, or whatever schedule you choose) events so everyone's on the same page.

The big difference though is that DailyPulse also puts those updates into a webapp that you can your colleagues (or your boss and any other managers on your project) can log in to and make comments on, add notes to, and ask questions about. The biggest benefit is that instead of spending time in weekly status meetings, you can use a service like this to keep everyone up to date on what everyone else is doing without wasting time on conference calls or in meeting rooms. It also gives you a place to get and give anonymous feedback on the project, individual team members, and managers.

Those added features do come with a price though. DailyPulse is $5/user, per month, so you'll have to be judicious about how many people you get to sign up for it. If you're looking for something without the price tag though, we should note that TeamReporter is free. If your company is footing the bill though, and its extra features sound good, DailyPulse is a great option.


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